Holy Trinity Sea Scouts (Margate) RN50

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Holy Trinity Sea Scouts

We are Holy Trinity Sea Scouts (Margate) RN50, a Sea Scout Group based in Margate, South East Kent, UK. We are a Royal Navy recognised sea scout group, our recognition number is RN50.

What do we do?

As a scout group we do all the traditional scouting activities you could imagine. In addition we are a SEA scout group. This means we specialise in boating activites throughout the year, including Sailing, Canoeing, Powerboating or any other water based activity.

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What is Royal Navy Recognition?

As if that is not enough for us to do we are also recognised by the Royal Navy. The Royal Navy only Recognise 101 scout groups (100 in the UK and 1 in Gibraltar). We are inspected by a Royal Navy officer at least every 18 months to check up on all aspects of a good scout group. This includes our ability on the water, our knowledge of boating theory, many land based activities and our formal drill amongst many other things. The group is also audited to make sure we are attaining the relevant scouting awards and to ensure the group is being operated correctly.

Can you join in?

Anyone is welcome! We always need young people in the group (boys and girls!). Contact us – enquiries@rn50.org.uk